Refurbished Laptops

Are Refurbished Laptops Worth The Money Rather Than New Ones

Are Refurbished Laptops Worth The Money Rather Than New Ones?

Are you considering purchasing a laptop for your work from home or your kid's online classes? But your tight budget is making you hesitant to buy a new one or even if you just think about enhancing the performance of your laptop you have to spend a good amount of bucks on your old laptop. In this COVID crisis, before you think about spending your savings on a new laptop, you might want to consider refurbished laptops as well. 

You might be thinking if it is right to purchase refurbished laptops for you? Well, whether you are part of the IT industry, customer service, or the marketing field, checking out refurbished computers may benefit you. Below is our guide on whether or not refurbished laptops are worth it and all the information you require before buying them. But before jumping into the depth, let’s know about the refurbished laptops first!

What Exactly Is A Refurbished Laptop?

Refurbished laptops are those devices that are usually returned to either the retailer or manufacturer due to some minor defects such as minute scratches, hardware, and software issues, etc. However, neither they are fresh from the factory nor can be put in the same category as a used laptop, which could have been traumatized by the previous buyer. Unlike used laptops, refurbished laptops come with 15 days of guarantee and 1year warranty. The one thing that stands out is that refurbished laptops go through extreme testing to fix all the software and hardware errors. Once completing this extensive reconditioning process, they are allowed to go back to the retailers.

Is It Okay To Purchase A Refurbished Laptop?

Of course, it is safe to buy a refurbished laptop providing you are buying one that is made by a verified computer manufacturer in India. Tech giants such as Dell and HP handpick skilled and certified refurbishers and reconditioners for refurbished laptops in India. They are very well aware of the fact that they put their brand logos behind such devices. These brands make sure that the product has certainly undergone significant analyses and proper tests to avoid any mishappening. Always make sure to check for the vendor’s ratings when you decide to shop for refurbished laptops. It is always advised to check out the trustworthiness of the seller through customer feedback and ratings.

Misconceptions About Refurbished Laptops

There are many misconceptions about refurbished laptops, Allow us to debunk some of these misconceptions for you.

  • People believe refurbished laptops can be slow and have poor quality. As we stated earlier, big companies always make sure not to release a second-hand laptop as refurbished as such irregularities could tarnish their brand image. Though, refurbished laptops could have had minor issues like light scratches, software issues, etc. Such small issues won't impact the performance of the laptop.
  • Users also misunderstand that the life of refurbished laptops is comparatively less than new ones. Refurbished laptops might cost less than new ones, but that doesn’t mean you get a used laptop. In reality, good care and time-to-time upgrading of the laptops help to keep them last longer.
  • Refurbished laptops have also been projected as devices that have a higher chance to break than brand-new ones. This is misleading because refurbished computers have gone through an inspection before sending them to retailers. This work process usually involves the return, fix, and resell of the laptop and usually got proved to be stronger. 
  • Lastly, It has been considered that refurbished laptops are not a better option for running a business. Most business owners knowingly pick refurbishes for employees because they last long and work far better than new ones. Refurbished laptops may not get fancy makeovers like brand new laptops but the interiors and their working potential are more robust than the conventional office devices. 

Things To Remember While Buying A Refurbished Laptop

  • If you are still concerned about the warranty on a refurbished laptop, then rest assured, you will get a 1 year warranty on a refurbished laptop as long as you buy it from reputable sellers.
  • If you require laptops in bulk for office work, it's better to get a refurbished laptop. This will help you save your money and avoid regretting spending on a product that you can get for less.
  • In covid times, we often require a laptop for kid's online classes and homework. It's better to pick a laptop that’s cheaper than brand new so that you won't regret it if they drop it by mistake. With the 15days guarantee provided by these laptops, you have a safety assurance that covers all sorts of damages. 
  • If you’re still studying and don't have enough pocket money to get a new one. You can go for refurbished ones as their price is quite reasonable. Despite being an old model, they will work perfectly well for lectures, practicals, and programming.
  • Companies usually equipped these refurbished laptops with the latest operating systems. So if you are buying a refurbished Dell, HP, or Samsung, no worries, it will have the latest Windows and processors in it

Get Your Refurbished Laptop Now!

Getting a new laptop is more like buying a new car as it entirely depends on personal requirements and your budget. If you are not willing to own a brand new laptop and want to save some money, refurbished laptops are certainly a better option than new ones or second-hand laptops. Now that we have shared some smart tips while buying refurbished laptops, you never know when you can get great deals on refurbished laptops. You have to make sure that the sellers you buy from are genuine and verified. Keep an eye on their return and warranty policies before investing your money and always consider what you need and what suits your budget. If you do proper verification and pick a reputable seller, a refurbished laptop can be an excellent choice. This will not only save money compared to buying new and you will also contribute to the sustainability of the environment by reusing and recycling a product.