About us

Welcome to GoRefurbo

GoRefurbo provides high-quality pre-owned devices at the most affordable prices. We source the best refurbished laptops from reputable brands like Apple, Lenovo, HP and Dell. Understandably, you are doubtful about buying used laptops. So for your peace of mind, we also provide 6 months warranty on each product. This eliminates the risk of purchasing refurbished laptops. If you get any issues in future, the laptop will easily be repaired or replaced.

We understand the market demand and have decided to play a role in extending the life of pre-owned laptops and tech-related devices in light of recent e-waste uptake, identifying underutilised smart devices, and increasing demand for affordable technology products.

We are convinced that e-waste can be drastically reduced and better utilised. We also believe that businesses can play a role in environmental protection. GoRefurbo aims to contribute by becoming a facilitating platform for ​​​​ buying used laptops and creating value for both our suppliers and consumers.  

We Value Your Trust

Dealing with second hand laptops may contain highly sensitive private data that requires careful handling. You don't need to worry about your confidential data. We take extra precautions to ensure that private information is not disclosed to new owners. We value your trust in us. We have highly skilled experts who manage the associated data risks, including data sanitisation and re-installation of operating systems. 

Our Goal is to help:

  • Encourage Businesses to deactivate tech devices in a socially responsible manner.
  • Start-up businesses establish themselves on a minimal budget by acquiring the best refurbished laptops.
  • Provide affordable laptops and other tech devices available to end users/consumers.
  • Provide an affordable laptop for students so that they can enhance their education.
  • Overall reduction of e-waste by extending the lifecycle of electronic devices
  • Reduce environmental carbon emissions.

Best Place to Buy Used Laptops

There are multiple reasons why people choose to buy the best refurbished laptops from GoRefurbo instead of buying an entirely new model. Those on a tight budget who require cheap laptops but cannot afford to pay full price find GoRefurbo as their best option.

When purchasing a refurbished laptop from us, you can often save up to 60%, making them an appealing option compared to the cost of brand-new models. It means you can get most of your money. Since you can get a high-specification refurbished laptop for the same price, you would have bought a new one.

Professionally Refurbished Laptops

Our laptops have gone through a multi-step refurbishment process. When we source a new device, it is booted into our testing software, which retrieves the device's vital information, such as hard drive, RAM, screen, and battery details. This step ensures that the specifications on our refurbished laptops for sale are correct.

The used laptop is then functionally tested, which includes checking the hard drive, functionality and defects of the screen, the keyboard, ports, battery life, and so on. If any issues are reported will be addressed in the following process.

Our refurbishing process finishes with resolving any issues found during the audit. Our final step includes installing a new operating system, final functionality testing and cleaning.

We Are Dedicated To Our Customers

GoRefurbo has never compromised with quality. Since we started our company, we have been dedicated to our customers and their requirements. We made it possible with regular feedback and suggestions from our clients. As a result, we have quality-tested affordable refurbished laptops from the world's leading manufacturers that have the potential to satisfy all your requirements or expectations.

Hopefully, we encourage you to buy refurbished laptops instead of buying new ones. If you are wondering where to get the best refurbished laptops of the highest quality and standard, check out the range of GoRefurbo laptops.